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Orders were going round and someone said: “Make mine a builders.” That got us thinking – where had the Great British cuppa gone? The fashionable fruity blends look pretty but they can’t dent a real thirst.

Serving the Tea Market With Great Pride

It was high time to refresh this hardworking nation with a proper, no-nonsense cup of tea. We turned to the experts on the subject – builders, of course – and asked 300 of them to slurp and rate our blend. They gave us top marks for strength, refreshment and lip-smacking flavour – the perfect cuppa for a job well done

Our Promise to You

We packed up our builder-approved bags and delivered them to retailers and wholesalers across the country. Now workers everywhere can reward themselves with a real thirst-hammering teabreak.


100% Organic

Make Mine a builders ensures each blend is hand-picked from the finest estates across the world.


Fair Trade

We follow all fair trade practices and respect those who are part of the tea selection process.


High Quality

There is no question that Make Mine a Builders offers the very best quality.


Always Fresh

Stale? Old? Expired? Nope. You will never tie these words in with our brand. Gert ready for freshness.

Only The Best Quality of Tea

And to make sure our brew always hits the nail on the head, we partner with the Federation of Master Builders, Britain’s largest building trade association.


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